BUCS Fleet Racing Championships 2018

The 2018 Fleet Championships will be held on Saturday 10 – Sunday 11 November 2018 at Draycote Water Sailing Club and hosted by the University of Warwick Sailing Club. It is organised on behalf of BUCS by BUSA.

Draycote Water Sailing Club (DWSC), Kites Hardwick, Nr Rugby, Warwickshire, CV23 8AB

All Race Documentation, Notice of Race (NoR), Notices and other information, including Entry Information (to be made via BUCScore) and Pre-Event Information will be posted here, as will be the Sailing Instructions (SIs) and any amendments to the NoR or other official documents and information.

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*Please also read the Notice of Race, available as a download on the BUCS website and here, for further important information.*
This Entry Information is also available to download.


Tuesday 25 September 2018


Thursday 25 October 2018 at 23:59


Thursday 8 November 2018 at 23:59

Single Handed Dinghy (Stage 1 Entry): £57
Double Handed Dinghy (Stage 1 Entry): £78

Single Handed Dinghy (Stage 2 Entry): £68.50
Double Handed Dinghy (Stage 2 Entry): £93.50

Teams: No fee as results are extracted.


BUCS Firefly Championship
BUCS Laser Championship
BUCS Fast Handicap Championship
BUCS Slow Handicap Championship

BUCS Men’s Team Championship
BUCS Women’s Team Championship

Please note, to be eligible for the team championship the boats must be single sex (helm and crew must be the same sex in double handed boats). If you do not wish to be eligible for the team competition then you can still sail in mixed boats.

Teams are made up of the top 3 boats from each university who have raced in fleets of 15 or more, calculated at the end of the event. More details are in the Notice of Race (NOR).

Additionally, as per NOR 3.9, any class which receives less than 15 entries may be cancelled or merged with another class at the discretion of the Organising Authority.

Please see BUCS Rules and Regulations Appendix 1 to see the BUCS Points available.

Please note that BUCS Points will not be allocated where the minimum number of competitors/teams has not been reached, or where there are not enough individual scores to extract a team score. Furthermore, an individual/team must have beaten another individual/team to score BUCS Points (i.e. if 3 individuals/teams compete in an event, only 2 will score BUCS points). This does not apply to extracted teams. Individuals/teams are regarded as having competed if they started the event, therefore DNS will not be regarded as having competed. Similarly, medals will be awarded according to the accrual of BUCS Points. For example if only 3 individuals/teams compete in an event only Gold and Silver medals will be awarded.


This event is limited to a capacity of 130 boats across all institutions. Institutions can initially enter up to 15 entries before the Stage 1 closing date of Thursday 25 October 2018. If more than 130 entries are received at the closing of Stage 1 entries, then initially each institution will be allocated an equal maximum number of entries. As such, institutions are required to give a ‘rank’ for each entry across all categories on BUCScore to advise the order of preference in which they would like each entry accepted in to the Championships as part of this process. Rankings should not be per fleet, but per institution. For example your 1st ranked entry might be a Laser, your 2nd ranked entry a Firefly. After an equal maximum number of entries per institution have been allocated, further ‘rankings’ will not be considered and any remaining places will then be allocated based on the date and time of entry on a first come, first served basis.

If after the closing of Stage 1, there is still space for any further entries, Stage 2 will open and additional entries may be submitted before the Stage 2 closing date of Thursday 8 November 2018. These Stage 2 entries will be allocated on a first come first served basis and are subject to approval and confirmation from the Organising Authority, as and when received.

Please also note NOR 3.8.3 and NOR 8 in the Notice of Race regarding the classes of boats accepted by the venue.


This competition operates a staged entry process. Entries received before the Stage 1 entry closing date of Thursday 25 October 2018 will be accepted where the competition allows. Only if after the closing of Stage 1 the competition allows, will Stage 2 open with a closing date of Thursday 8 November 2018.

Stage 2 entries will only be accepted if the competition allows and priority will remain with the entries received before the Stage 1 entry closing date. If Stage 2 opens and any entries received are accepted into the competition, will be charged an additional 20% fee (Reg 3.2.4).


Entries can only be submitted on BUCScore, our online entry system. Please speak to your Athletic Union as they will need to submit your entry on this system, and it is their responsibility to manage the whole entry process.

Please note: An email address is required to enable an individual to be entered effectively within BUCScore as the system uses email addresses as unique identifiers. The email address used for each entrant must be unique to maintain validity of their entry. Changing or duplicating an email address for an entrant may result in the entry being overwritten and therefore withdrawn.

Furthermore, after entries have closed no refunds will be given for withdrawals. This applies regardless of the reason for a withdrawal.


This year the BUCScore entry arrangements have changed.

For the Fleet Championships the boat is entered, with its helm and crew, on the Fleet Championships entry section as usual.

BUT all sailors (competitors, potential competitors and reserves) need to be registered on the Competitors and Reserves list on BUCScore to compete in any sailing event this year. Competitors for the Fleets will need to be entered onto this by Thursday 8 November 2018 at the latest in order to be eligible for selection for the BUCS Fleet Racing Championships.

This replaces the “Universal Reserves List” used previously, so that all competitors and reserves will be added on the system in one place. This will remain open for additional sailors to be added in preparation for the other sailing Championships. Clubs are strongly advised to register all their sailors just in case (several teams at the Team Racing and Yachting in 2016-17 withdrew for lack of sailors pre-registered on BUCScore)

It should be noted that for every sailor entered on BUCScore, details of names, university, email address, mobile No. and next of kin and contact details will be required (this information will be handled only for the purposes of the administration of the BUCS/BUSA events in 2018-19 and in accordance with GDPR).

All institutions participating in BUSA/BUCS events are required to be members of BUSA. The Annual subscription, as described on the BUSA website is required in order to participate. This fee includes your club’s RYA Affiliation. SUBCRIPTIONS ARE DUE BY 1 NOVEMBER 2018. If you have not received your invoice by October, please request it via email to busa@rya.org.uk. If your university requires a purchase order number to be included on your invoice, please email busa@rya.org.uk ASAP.

It is the responsibility of either the individual or institution to ensure that all entrants have appropriate insurance in order to compete. BUSA and BUCS DO NOT insure any competitor for any of their events.

Sailors should contact BUSA after their entry has been submitted, so we can ensure that we and the club have adequate support in place.

As part of the entry process we collect competitor mobile phone numbers and email addresses to use in case of last minute event changes / cancellations and to pass out key information as required.

Please note: these details will only be used for critical event information and will only be passed to third party organisers who have adhered to BUCS Agreement for Disclosure of Personal Information.

We also collect next of kin phone numbers and details in case of an emergency during the event.

Please note: these details will only be used for critical event information and will only be passed to third party organisers who have adhered to BUCS Agreement for Disclosure of Personal Information.

Any data will be handled in accordance with BUCS Privacy Policy

BUCS will make every reasonable effort to ensure that its events are run in safe environments. It is the responsibility of all institutions and participants to consider any known medical conditions or disabilities before entering or competing in a BUCS event. If you know or are aware of a medical condition that might interfere with you exercising or participating safely, please consult a medical professional before participating. All participants assume full responsibility for any and all injuries, losses and damages that are incurred while participating in BUCS events.

BUSA will not be seeking any medical declaration this year. It is, of course, the responsibility of the competitor to ensure that they are fit to compete. Any competitor who has a particular issue, about which they wish to notify the Event Director/Organiser, should ask to do so at Registration on arrival at that event.


Before being able to make individual entries:
[1] Please give the name of the Team Captain. (This will be the point of contact during the competition)
[2] Please give the Team Captain’s email address.
[3] Please give a contact number for the Team Captain.

[4] I certify that I am authorised to enter the Championships on behalf of all members of the team and the reserves. I understand that changes to this team can only be made in accordance with the Notice of Race. All members of my team and the reserves agree to abide by the Racing Rules of Sailing, the Notice of Race, the Sailing Instructions, the decisions of the race officials and the Organising Authority. I confirm that all team members are aware of the BUSA Code of Conduct (on the BUSA website), which will apply to each competitor. Competitors attend as representatives of their university club and, accordingly, BUSA regards the university club, as well as any individual, responsible for the actions of its members. I accept that the Team Captain is responsible for the conduct and behaviour of the team.

I confirm that I understand that all sailors must complete the Confidential Medical Form in order to be able to compete.

When making individual entries:
[1] Please provide the individual's email address.
[2] Please provide your institution’s ranking (e.g. 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc.) for this entry, to assist with allocation of entries.
[3] Please enter the sail number for this entry.* (Please put CHARTER if you are chartering a boat and do not yet know the sail number or TBC if there is another reason you do not know your sail number at the point of entry)
[4] Please select which class you would like to enter. (Where applicable, selected from a list. If you choose other, you MUST name a class. Any entries received not stating a class will be rejected).

*Fireflies are required to conform to Firefly Class Rules and shall display their sail number, which matches their hull plate. Numbers can be bought from any sail maker. Here is one option. They must meet the specifications in RRS Appendix G (300mm height, 60mm minimum space between characters and from edge of sail).


There are a small number of Lasers and, potentially, race-ready Fireflies available from Draycote Water SC, Please contact the General Manager.


Please see the downloads section on the BUCS website Fleet Racing page for provisional pre-event information. Final pre-event information will be published on Tuesday 6 November 2018.

*Please also read the Notice of Race, available as a download on the BUCS website, for further important information.*

If you have any questions, please get in touch via your Athletic Union.


During this event various filming, photography and broadcasting may take place. By your presence at this event you grant your permission for your likeness and voice to be included in pictures and / or on film, and their advertising without compensation or credit.


All questions should be communicated by an institution’s athletic union or students’ union staff member to:

Cleo Lyn
BUCS Event Administrator

Gavin Maguire
RYA Keelboat Development Team



Race Documentation and Notices:

BUCS website:

Class Rules:

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